Saturday 23 July 2011


Ebook on Kindle by Kelvin I. Jones

This collection of occult short stories features Edwardian psychic and sleuth, Dr John Carter and his amenuensis and chronicler Rigden.. The stories, written in the tradition of the English ghost and horror tradition, cover a wide range of folkloric and mythic themes, and the forensic and Holmesian abilities of the sleuth are exploited to surprising and often horrifying effects. These novella type tales evoke a gaslit world of murder and mayhem where terror stalks the streets of Edwardian London but where the countryside also threatens to overwhelm our sanity.

Kelvin I Jones is the author of four contemporary crime novels featuring the Cornish detective John Bottrell and is an authority on the life and works of Conan Doyle, being the author of Conan Doyle And The Spirits. His atmospheric and chilling supernatural tales have been compared to the work of the legendary gothic writer Montague Rhodes James by both the award winning Francis King and renowned English horror writer Ramsey Campbell. He is a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London and has written no less than six books about Sherlock Holmes.

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