Saturday 23 July 2011


CUNNING CRIME BOOKS is a new publishing imprint on Kindle, offering a variety of occult thrillers from the prolific pen of crime writer Kelvin I. Jones. In STONE DEAD, ex-Met detective John Bottrell travels to Cornwall to escape the memory of his wife's tragic death but he little realizes that he will soon be embroiled in a web of murder, witchcraft and the occult. When the naked body of a young woman is found on a footpath suspicion falls on her boyfriend. However, after Bottrell has applied his analytical skills to the activities of the local pagan community he is forced to revise his opinion.

A dark tale of intrigue and obsession from the wilds of west Cornwall.

Kelvin I Jones is an authority on Cornish witchcraft. He is the author of six books about Sherlock Holmes and a biography of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.His work has been compared by both Francis King, the critic and novelist and Ramsey Campbell, the British fantasy and horror writer, to the wrk of the English ghost story writer, M.R. James.

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