Saturday 30 July 2011


Coming up on Kindle as from 2nd August 2011! A brand new psychological thriller!

THE JANUS concerns the discovery of a Celtic figure in a Romano-British hill fort in Kent. The artefact soon has a terrifying effect on whoever it comes into contact with since it is the stone talisman of a Celtic warrior whose speciality was once the severing of his opponents' heads in battle. The Janus also has the power to project terrifying dreams into the minds of the living and to so possess and prey upon them that they are driven to acts of mutilation and murder.

The JANUS deals with the fate of a newcomer to Old Bury Hill Village, whose misfortune is to unearth the Janus head whilst walking his dog on the hill fort. He takes it back to his house and is soon so possessed by the spirit of the Janus that he ritually murders his wife, severing and burying her head as an act of homage to the ancient talisman.

Armitage is then arrested and interrogated by Detective Inspector Williams and D.C. Mathews. At first they fail to be convinced by Armitage's story. The spirit of the Janus returns and Armitage's body is discovered in a police cell. It is believed that Armitage has committed suicide. Although Mathews remains sceptical, Williams becomes convinced by the truth of Armitage's motives for his wife's murder. He takes the Janus to the county museum where it is examined by the curator, a young woman called Marion Vincent, to whom Williams becomes instantly attracted and with whom he forms a passionate relationship. Both partners now become the recipients of horrendous and protracted nightmares in which are enacted Celtic rituals of bloody sacrifice....

A thrilling occult mystery!

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